We Don't Just Manufacture Cast Films

We Develop Partnerships

In an industry of slow moving global giants, our focus and size allows ABX to be nimble and offer a level of personalized service that our competitors can't attain. We leverage our cast assets, film knowledge base, resin platforms and technical expertise to enable our partners to enhance film performance, manage cost and offer a better product development experience to address end-user application requirements.

Our Cast Films Exceed Expectations

We are capable of using a broader range of resin types and have better control of layer ratios along with having significantly better gauge control than blown films. The cast process provides greater consistency and clarity. We are capable of developing and running structures that utilize a broader array of resin types allowing ABX to customize a structure to your unique needs. The competitively priced, state-of-the-art cast films offer products better protection, longer shelf life and enhanced consumer end-use performance.

Cast Film Benefits
  • Tight Gauge Control
  • High Output
  • Clarity
  • Caulkability
  • Balanced Physical Properties
  • Uniformity to Resist Puncture
  • Amorphous - Soft
  • Forming & Drapability
  • Broader Range of Resins
    Nylons – EVOHs – PPs – High
    Percentage EVAs – mPEs – Surlyn®
  • Wide Range of Melt Indexes & Flow
  • Ideal for Medium to Heavier Mil Thicknesses

Cast film Applications

ABX is a plastic film manufacturer with years of experience developing multilayer film for use in various packaging systems.

Horizontal Form Fill Seal
Vertical Form Fill Seal
Flow Wrap
Preformed Pouch Formats

ABX Cast Film Overview

  • Nine (9) Layer & Eleven (11) Layer Cast Film Extrusion
  • Wide Extrusion Capabilities up to 92.5”
  • Excellent Gauge Control
  • Precision Slitting
  • Corona Treatment - Single side
  • Film Moisturization
  • Extensive Blending System & Capabilities
  • High Barrier, Standard Barrier & Breathable Structures to meet OTR, MVTR  and Sealant Specifications - Nylon, Prop, EVOH & Metallocene Blend Films
  • Lab, QC & Product Development Technical Support


ABX’s focus is on End-Users and Print/Laminated Film Converters servicing these markets.

Food Products
Pet Food
Health Care


We have many standard cast barrier and non-barrier film solutions on hand to be slit-to-width.


About ABX

Advanced Barrier Extrusions, LLC

ABX is a Wisconsin-based, privately held manufacturer of multilayer cast films. We specialize in multi-layer forming webs and vertical rollstock materials for Food Packaging & Industrial Packaging products. Our experienced people, state-of-the-art facility and passion for innovative technology has fueled rapid growth since founding in 2006.

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